• Pomp with 34% discount !
    Only till January, 31st you can order 3 bottles of CLEARWATER and get the pump with a 34% discount! Pay only 198 UAH* for 3 bottles of water and the pump. Special offer is valid only for new customers.
    *Additional payment of deposit for each bottle - 150 UAH. which is returned to you at the end of cooperation.
  • Special offer for existing Customers!
    From 1st till 31st January make the ONLINE order on our website, write down your e-mail and take part in lottery.
    The winner gets for choice:
    1st place - cooler for 2 months or 4 bottles of CLEARWATER;
    2nd place – water pump for free or 2 bottles of CLEARWATER;
    3rd place – cleaning of water equipment for free or 1 bottles of CLEARWATER.
    The winner will be defined on the 05th of February with the help of The results of lottery will be announced on our profile in Facebook.
    We wish you a good luck!
  • Bring your friends!
    If you like CLEARWATER and our service, just recommend us to your friends that don’t order CLEARWATER yet. After your friend makes the first order and mentions your name, you will receive 2 bottles of CLEARWATER as a gift!
  • Product of the week!
    Only till January 28th, buy a set of Greenfield Tea: Kenyan sunrise (25p), Classic breakfast (25p), Spring Melody (25p), Current and Mint (25p) with a cup for a special price of 177 UAH.
  • free rental stand for half a year
    Order 6 bottles per delivery and get free rent for half a year (for stand and stacker). Special offer is valid only for new customers.
  • 2 bottles for free

    Make your first order till 31st January, and get guaranteed 2 bottles for free. The promotion is valid only for new customers.
    The proposal does not stack with the action "pump at a discount - 34%"