Dear customers!

Regardless of the quarantine, we are open and deliver as usual. However, we now have limited staff in our office. Therefore, we kindly ask you to place your orders and pay online if all possible. Thank you for your understanding! Thank you for understanding!

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine our company offers a contactless delivery option – to avoid any personal contact between our drivers and clients.
If you would like to use this option, please, make sure you do the following while placing your order:
- while making online order choose option "contactless delivery" or inform the operator
- indicate the amount of empty bottles you intend to return
- let us know the empty bottles location to be picked up
- pay online (the link for payment will be sent to you in an SMS message)
Fifteen minutes prior to delivery the driver will call you. This is to indicate to you know that you can put your empty bottles out. After the delivery has happened the driver will call back to inform you that the full bottles can be picked up.

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    Guaranteed quality
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    Where do we get our water?
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    Water purification
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    Benefits of Water

Guaranteed quality

ClearWater has its own certified laboratory. In it we test our water every 2 hours at different stages of the production process. We also check the final product from each batch. ClearWater is also regularly checked by the independent external organizations, as required by law.

water storage

The shelf life of a closed bottle is 3 months. We recommend to consume the water within 3 weeks after opening. ClearWater does not contain any preservatives. Long-term storage of our water is assured by the high level of purification from bacteria, microorganisms and organic compounds. Besides, the water is additionally disinfected by ozone, which turns into oxygen within 6-10 hours, depending on the storage conditions. This leads to an additional saturation of water with oxygen. After production we store bottles in our warehouse for no longer than 3 days for the ozone to dissipate, so you always receive fresh water.

Where do we get our water?

Our 126 m deep well is located in the ecologically clean area in the Mila town of Kiev-Svyatoshin region. For hundreds kilometers up the source there are no soil contaminating plants or factories. In compliance with the international standards, the well is surrounded by a closed up sanitary zone, which can be entered only by the authorized staff.

Water purification

First, we treat the artesian well water with the UV lamp for disinfection. Then the water passes through a range of different filters to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and salts that cause scaling. The heart of the process is the reverse osmosis filter which ensures purification at the molecular level. It completely removes all possible contaminations, organic, and toxic substances, heavy metals, radioactive substances, bacteria and viruses. This is how we guarantee that our water is safe from any polluting agents. Finally ClearWater is mineralized by an automatic machine of high accuracy. Thus we guarantee that ClearWater bottle contains useful minerals listed on its label, and nothing else.

Benefits of Water

The Central and Northern parts of Ukraine are known to have the deficit of the natural supply of iodine (food and water in particular). The consumption of water with iodine helps the normal intellectual growth and development of children and prevents thyroid gland problems among adults. Fluoride is needed for bone formation, dentine and enamel. It is especially important for children during the growth period. The right amount of fluoride helps prevent caries. Fluoride is the only element predominantly supplied to our bodies with the drinking water – it almost does not exist in food, except for tea and seafood.

What is the mineral content of ClearWater?

6,9 – 7,5
Calcium 6,0 – 14,0 mg/dm³
Sodium 19,0 – 27,0 mg/dm³
I only for iodinated water
Iodine 0,02 – 0,05 mg/dm³
The overall level of mineralization
100,0 – 124,0 mg/dm³
Potassium 8,0 – 12,0 mg/dm³
Magnesium 2,0 – 6,0 mg/dm³
F only for fluoridated water
Fluorine 0,5 – 1,5 mg/dm³

Our certificates and awards

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